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sweet potato and black bean taco

Jul 21, 2023

Sweet Potato Tacos!

May 9, 2023

Mixed Berry Smoothie

May 5, 2023

All Things Sweet Potatoes

Curing Sweet Potatoes Sweet Potato Recipes 

Apr 14, 2023

Fall Harvest Salad


Apr 14, 2023

Seed Packet SEL

The “Flourish Me” worksheet allow students to illustrate what conditions allow them to thrive as they grow and develop. The photos below offer a preview, but download the PDF and print your own classroom set or upload to a digital platform. Students will recognize that they likely flourish under different conditions than their peers, though… 

Mar 16, 2023

Math Garden

Being a former math teacher I wanted to create something similar to the Word Garden that could be used for math. While small rocks had worked well with the Word Garden, I just happened to have some birch trees that needed pruning, and though a different medium might be helpful to differentiate the sets at… 

Mar 16, 2023

Word Gardens

During the pandemic (2020) when webinars were a weekly staple in my life I became inspired by a presentation from a biology professor and an education professor from St. Michael’s College in Vermont. Together they created a learning garden for their students. This garden was like no other I have seen. While all aspects of… 

farmers market

Feb 24, 2023

Social Studies in the Garden

When I ask teachers what subjects they think can be taught in the school garden, science and math are the standard answers, rarely do I hear social studies. Social studies may not seem as obvious a connection as science but there are many great ways to connect the garden with social studies curriculum. The school… 

EdEN logo

Feb 24, 2023

School Garden Scorecard

Below are recent findings from the Austin School Garden Project, research conducted by The EdEN (Education, Evaluation, Nutrition) Lab at the University of Texas. This research project involved over 100 schools and identified successful strategies that help overcome common school garden challenges. A working garden and one-hour lesson every other week during the school year…