Request Forms

PHHI Extension welcomes the opportunity to engage with teachers, county agents and the community. We have identified several opportunities where we can share our STEM education resources by co-teaching, providing professional development workshops, hosting a field trip to the PHHI training lab, or sharing equipment. Complete the forms linked below to make your request. Please be as specific as possible, and make request well in advance to best accommodate scheduling options.

Classroom Visit by PHHI Extension Staff
*Available to cover select topics related to STEM, Nutrition, and School Gardens
*Typically limited to a 50-mile radius of Kannapolis, NC

Please complete the Extension Engagement Request Form

Field Trip to PHHI Lab
*Visit the dedicated PHHI Training Lab for STEM enhancement opportunities.
*All activities are led by Ms. Bowman. See form for activity choices.
*Due to space limitations, the participant maximum is 30 students.
*Prior to field trip, students must complete the Lab Permission and Photo Release forms.

Please complete the Field Trip Request Form

Equipment Check-out
*Shared resources can enhance the classroom experience.
*Check the form for a list of equipment available to borrow.
*No cost, but we ask that you be considerate of others and only borrow for the time period you need the equipment.

Please complete the Equipment Request Form

Professional Development-School Garden Focus
*PHHI staff members, Amy Bowman and Doug Vernon, are former classroom teachers, and can deliver an impactful PD.
*Review workshop descriptions prior to making your request.
*See form for topics and time frames (1/2 day and full day workshops)

Please submit the School Garden Training Request Form