May 2022
SEL Activity: Lessons from the Garden
Growing School Gardens Summit
Videos: Growing Sweet Potato Slips, Part 2 and 3

March 2022
SEL Garden Activity: Write, Rip, Grow
What’s New in Your Garden?
Video: Starting Sweet Potato Slips, Part 1

February 2022
SEL Garden Activity: 5-4-3-2-1
School Garden Clubs
Grant Opportunities
STEMsational Ag: The Virtual Farm

January 2022
SEL Garden Activity: Nature Bracelets
Building Excitement for the Spring Garden
Ready-Made Virtual Lessons
Kids Garden Community

December 2021
SEL Garden Activity: Winter Sound Maps
Teachers Earn Certification
Building Culture

November 2021
SEL Garden Activity: Fall-themed Nature Mandalas
Weather Stations
5 Tidying Tips

October 2021
SEL Garden Activity: Go and See
Arts Integration
Video: Loofahs
Grant Opportunities

September 2021
3 No-Fail Fall Crops
Social Emotional Learning
Seasonal Reminders
Grant Opportunity: Budding Botanist

August 2021
Back to School Supplies
Schedule a Custom Workshop
Resources from Around the Web
*Junior Master Gardener

June 2021
School Garden Summer Workshops
Teacher Feature: Lenora Barron
New Videos:
*Building a Raised Bed with Students
*Putting Your Garden to Bed for Summer

May 2021
Sweet Potato Resources
*Planting and Harvesting
School Garden Summer Workshop Registration

April 2021
School Garden Summer Workshops-Registration Open
New Videos
*Building a Trellis
*Bucket Gardens
*Concrete Block Raised Bed
Teacher Spotlight: Jackie Tingen
Coast-to-Coast Garden Tour
New Web Resources
Grant Availability

February 2021
Video and Lesson Update
*Square Foot Seeds
*Seed Packets
*Strawberry DNA Extraction Lesson
Teacher Spotlight: Jennifer Brazee
Lit Review: Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table
More Resources

January 2021
*Using a Light Bank
*Starting Seeds Indoors
Virtual Lessons
*Survival: What do Plants and Animals Need?
*Puzzling Over Plants
*Smart Smoothies
Growing Indoors: Microgreens
Seven Years and Still Growing
Continuing Ed Opportunity

December 2020
Holiday Greetings

November 2020
Soils: Let’s Dig In! Virtual Lesson
G.W. Carver Families Grow “Food Right Outside Your Door”
At Home or School, Students Learn from the Garden
“Together Gardens” Grow in Rowan County
Finding Safe Solutions at A.T. Allen Elementary

October 2020
*Planting & Thinning Kale
*Growing Microgreens
*Planting Fall Crops
*Planting Strawberries

All in the Family: Virtual Lesson
Celebrating Farm to School

September 2020
*Literacy Center *Measurement
*Nature Building *Digging Bed
*Weather Stations

Harvesting Sweet Potatoes
Curing Sweet Potatoes
Teacher Tip: Go Bags
Live! From the Garden

August 2020
Back to School Message from Amy and Doug
Building a Library of Virtual Resources
Sweet Potatoes in the Home Stretch
Life Lab Hosts Webinars

June 2020
Virtual Learning Resources:
*Bolting Kale
*Planting Sweet Potatoes
Harvests during closure benefit community
Resources from Around the Web

May 2020
Virtual Learning Resource: Pollination
Collecting Garden Data at Home
Resources from Around the Web
Sweet Potatoes: A Perfect Summer Crop
Seasonal Tasks: Plant, Harvest, Maintenance

Late April 2020
SGSI Canceled
Virtual Learning Resource: Flower Dissection Video
Additional Resources from Around the Web

April 2020
Making adjustments
SGSI Update
At-home Resources
Funding Opportunities

March 2020
School Garden Summer Institute Registration Open
Interweaving Literary Connections
Seasonal Tasks: Plant, Harvest, Maintenance

February 2020
Who are your Garden Partners?
SGSI: We’re Bringing Cali to the Carolinas
Host a Sowing Party
Seeds of Knowledge
Seasonal Tasks: Plant, Harvest, Maintenance

January 2020
Take 5
Plan Ahead by “Planting” Paper Towels
Seasonal Tasks: Plant, Harvest, Maintenance
Save the Date!

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