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Virtual Lessons

soil texture layers

Feb 24, 2023

Soil Texture Analysis Activity

Soil is composed of three major particle types: Sand – Made from small particles of weathered rock. Sand has a dry gritty texture. Sand drains well, but due to the large spaces between the particles it does not hold water and nutrients; therefore, most plants do not grow well in sandy soil. Silt – Silt… 

Jan 20, 2021

Virtual Lessons

As former classroom teachers, Amy Bowman and Doug Vernon understood the time and technology constraints that teachers faced as they juggled a new virtual classroom dynamic. Currently working as Extension professionals supporting STEM education at NC State’s Plants for Human Health Institute, these two embraced an outreach opportunity, first to develop videos that might be incorporated… 

Dec 9, 2020

Soils Virtual Lesson

Soils: Let’s Dig In! is an interactive Google Slides presentation with video messages from Amy and Doug, drag and drop slides to reinforce vocabulary, and instructions for an at-home lab experiment to discover soil composition and texture. This lesson is designed to deliver 3rd grade NC standards. For our virtual lessons, you will be prompted to… 

Nov 17, 2020

Kale Kits for Virtual Students

The Plants for Human Health Institute worked with Cabarrus County Schools to gather supplies and develop educational resources for every 2nd grader to plant, grow, harvest and prepare kale. The “Kale Kit” included a nursery pot, a 1-gallon bag of soil, an envelope with 5 seeds, an instruction sheet (with a supplemental video) and recipe.​Nothing…