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Teachers like to learn by doing, too! Invite us to lead a professional development workshop. STEM educator, Amy Bowman, and School Garden Coordinator, Doug Vernon, are former teachers who know what teachers expect and understand the importance of making professional development time count.

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Please submit the Professional Development Request Form to schedule a workshop. The following are brief descriptions of what our current workshops entail.

Wisconsin Fast Plants for Elementary

Plant Life CycleParticipants will learn to teach plant life cycle through hands on experience with seven lessons using Wisconsin Fast Plants, from germination to seed harvesting.   Each lesson connects to 3rd grade math and science standards but can be adapted for multiple grade levels.

Wisconsin Fast Plants for Middle/High

Variation – Participants will learn how to use Wisconsin Fast Plants to teach both 6th grade math and science standards. Lessons will incorporate plant growth and development, tropism, sexual reproduction, measures of central tendency and variation.

Genetics – Participants will investigate Mendelian genetics through several hands-on lessons using Wisconsin Fast Plants. Participants will observe a monohybrid cross to identify dominant and recessive traits, phenotypes and genotypes.  These lessons are appropriate for both middle and high school.

Teaching in the Garden – This workshop will cover a variety of topics beginning with the benefits of school gardens, establishing a garden team, creating a garden plan followed by NC Standards aligned lessons that can be taught using the garden, garden bed design, understanding a planting guide, starting seeds indoors and food safety.

Garden Team Development and Training – Taking on a school garden can be a daunting task if going it alone.  This workshop will promote the benefits of a garden team, roles for team members, creating your mission and goals, as well as developing your schools garden plan.

PLC (grade level) training – Working with individual grade levels to plan garden beds and highlight grade level specific lessons.

Garden Site Selection – Travel to your school and help select the site for your school garden, take measurements and consult on the number and sizes of garden beds best suited for your site.

Basic garden care and maintenance – Best practices related to watering, weeding, insect control  and other maintenance problems will be addressed for your garden, while school is in session and when it’s not.

Use and installation of season extenders – Season extenders are used to get several more weeks of gardening in the fall as well as being able to start earlier in the spring (late winter).  Participants will get practice in setting up season extenders for their own school garden and how to use them throughout the growing season.

Don’t see your topic of interest listed? Email Amy to explore custom training options.

What teachers are saying about PHHI PD

“This was one of the best workshops I have ever been to!”

“Everything was great! I’m leaving with a bazillion ideas that I can’t wait to try!”

“It has been the most useful PD I have ever been in!”

“I thought this PD was spot on and covered our whole plant unit!”

“The lessons all apply perfectly to multiple standards and are exciting and hands-on for kids. It was great to walk away with curriculum and the materials to complete the lessons.”

“I loved having an actual unit that I could teach my students after the PD.”