Borrow STEM Supplies

Shopping for “school supplies” is a late summer rite of passage into the new school year. We want to save you some money and help you out with some STEM classroom supplies that you can borrow. These items directly support lessons in the STEM curriculum developed by PHHI. These resources are restricted to use within a 50-mile radius of Kannapolis, as they cannot be shipped. There is no cost for borrowing PHHI equipment, but we do ask that you be considerate of others and only request it for the time period that you need the equipment. All equipment reservations will be made on a first-come basis. Available equipment for lending includes:

  • Light Banks
  • Magnifying Glasses (class set=15)
  • Soil Test Kits, Soil Sample Corer
  • Refractometers
  • Wisconsin Fast Plant Kit
  • Soils Curriculum Kit
  • Tower Garden
  • Vermicomposting Bin

Find the Equipment Request Form here.