Blue Ribbon Harvest

Our inaugural Sweet Potato Competition had some great entries, but above all, we hope everyone enjoyed growing, harvesting, tasting and learning about sweet potatoes. (Side note: They worked great as a summer cover crop to suppress weeds; mark the calendar for May planting.) Ultimately, the PHHI contest pitted two local schools in a neck-and-neck competition. A.T. Allen Elementary and G.W. Carver Elementary submitted the winning entries as follows:

1st place – A.T. Allen (13 3/4″)
2nd place – G.W. Carver (13″)

Biggest (by weight):
1st place – A.T. Allen (1662.8 g)
2nd place – G.W. Carver (1193.39 g)

Most Unusual:
1st place – A.T. Allen
2nd place – G.W. Carver

Best Mascot:
1st place – G.W. Carver
2nd place – A.T. Allen

Pictured are A.T. Allen’s 1st place winner for longest sweet potato and G.W. Carver’s 2nd place entry in the biggest (by weight) category.

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