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Virtual Lessons

Target Grade Lesson Plan (Standards covered) Google Slides* Subject Matter
1st Survival: What do Plants and Animals Need? Survival: What do Plants and Animals Need? Ecosystems
2nd All in the Family All in the Family Evolution and Genetics
3rd Puzzling Over Plants Puzzling Over Plants Plant Parts
3rd Soils: Let’s Dig In! Soils: Let’s Dig In! Soil Layers
4th Smart Smoothies Smart Smoothies Nutrition
5th Strawberry DNA Extraction Strawberry DNA Extraction** Evolution and Genetics
*These lessons are interactive presentations, designed for delivery as a virtual lesson through Google Slides. You will be prompted to “Save a copy” to your Google Drive. From that point, you can edit the presentation to customize to your needs, or share it directly with your students. Due to the interactive nature of the slides, students should also be instructed to “Save a copy” so that their work will be their own.
**Strawberry DNA Extraction is a video investigation rather than a Google Slides presentation.