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Puzzling Over Plants

Grade/Unit3rd Grade Ecosystems
Standards3.L.2 Understand How Plants Survive In Their Environment
3.L.2.1 Remember the function of the following plant structures as it relates to the survival of plants in their environment:
*Roots – absorb nutrients
*Stems – provide supportLeaves – synthesize food
*Flowers – attract pollinators and produce seeds for reproduction
3.L.2.1 Students know the names and functions of major plant parts (roots, leaves, stems, flowers). Students know that plants have special parts that perform special functions in order for the plant to survive.
Science and Engineering Practices*Asking questions and defining a problem
*Developing and using models
*Planning and carrying out investigations
*Analyzing and interpreting data
Lesson NotesThis lesson is formatted into a set of Google Slides with videos of Amy Bowman and Doug Vernon (Plants for Human Health Institute) observing and discussing the content of the lesson, interactive drag and drop slides and optional at home labs and activities.
Engage*Video introduction
*Students draw a plant and label the parts
ExploreVideo showing the parts of a plant
Explanation*Videos of Roots
*Videos of Stems 
*Videos of Leaves
*Videos of Flowers
ElaborateGarden tour
Evaluate and Extend*Discussion Questions
*Interactive slides
*Optional at home lab
*Optional at home activity