Crop Guide – Cabbage

Common Name Cabbage
Scientific Name Brassica oleracea

Uses Edible; Side dish (raw, steamed, roasted, boiled, sautéed), salads, slaw, microgreens

Crop Timeline

  • Transplants: Start seeds 6 weeks before transplanting;
    • Spring Planting: March (4 weeks before last frost)
    • Fall Planting: September (6-8 weeks before first frost)
  • Microgreens: Direct sow 2 weeks before consumption

Planting tips

  • Fertilizer: Supply a constant supply of nitrogen rich organic fertilizer (bloodmeal, cottonseed meal, composted manure) throughout the growing season
  • Number of plants per square foot: 1
  • Growing structures: None
  • Frost protection: None


  • Harvest 80-180 days from sowing, or 60-100 days from transplant
    • Harvest large, single head at soil level when head is firm


  • Cabbage worm/looper
    • Description: Green, inch-worm, often found on leaf underside, along stem or leaf veins
    • Treatment: Bt pesticide application or mechanical removal (pick them off and squish them)
  • Slugs
    • Description: small gray-brown, soft-bodied mollusk; slimy trail often noticeable
    • Treatment: Hand pick, keep clean soil surface around plants, baits
  • Diseases
    • Rotate crops every 2 years; avoid planting another Brassica crop in that space in the “off” year.