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Smart Smoothies

Grade/Unit4th Grade Molecular Biology
Standards4.L.2 Understand food and the benefits of vitamins, minerals and exercise.
4.L.2.2 Explain the role of vitamins and minerals, and exercise in maintaining a healthy body.
4.L.2.2 Students know that humans have needs for vitamins, minerals, and exercise in order to remain healthy. Students know that vitamins and minerals are found in healthy foods, as well as dietary supplements. Students also know that movement is essential to the growth, development and maintenance of the human body and its systems.
Science & Engineering Practices*Asking questions and defining problems
*Constructing explanations and designing solutions
*Engaging in argument from evidence
Lesson NotesThis lesson is formatted into a set of Google Slides with videos of Amy Bowman and Doug Vernon (Plants for Human Health Institute) observing and discussing the content of the lesson, drag and drop interactives, non-fiction text, writing prompt, at home experience and  interactive Google Jamboard.
EngageVideo introduction on vitamins and minerals
ExploreVideo explaining what vitamins and mineral are and where they come from
ExplanationVideo on why we need vitamins and minerals
Elaborate*List of common vitamins and minerals, sources and the role they play in the body
*Drag and drop vitamin and mineral sort
*Smoothie videos
*Interview with a scientist
Evaluate and Extend*Articles on food vs. supplements and writing prompt
*Vitamin and mineral worksheet (
*Color Me Healthy infographic
*Create your own smoothie activity / Jamboard option

Jamboard option: Save a copy of Jamboard to your drive. Use this copy in your slides, be sure to delete the word copy from the URL so it will not prompt students to make a copy. Divide your students into 5 groups, assign them a group number 1-5. Students will collaborate to create a smoothie that fits the given parameters. Edit each group to include more or different parameters to meet the needs of your students.