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Survival: What do plants & animals need?

Grade/Unit1st Grade Ecosystems
Standards1.L.1 Understand characteristics of various environments and behaviors of humans that enable plants and animals to survive.
1.L.1.1 Recognize that plants and animals need air, water, light (plants only), space, food and shelter and that these may be found in their environment.
1.L.2 Summarize the needs of living organisms for energy and growth.
1.L.2.1 Summarize the basic needs of a variety of different plants (including air, water, nutrients, and light) for energy and growth.
1.L.2.2 Summarize the basic needs of a variety of different animals (including air, water, and food) for energy and growth.
Science & Engineering PracticesAsking questions and defining problems
Planning and carrying out investigation
Lesson NotesThis lesson is formatted into a set of Google Slides with videos of Amy Bowman and Doug Vernon (Plants for Human Health Institute) observing and discussing the content of the lesson, time lapse videos, observations and interactive slides.
EngageVideo introduction wondering what plants and animals have in common.
ExplorePlants and animals are living things and each have basic needs to survive.
ExplanationVideos explaining that plants and animals both need food, water, air, and space. 
Video explaining that plants need light.
Video explaining that animals need shelter.
ElaborateTime lapse video of water reviving a wilted plant.
Evaluate and ExtendInteractive slides
Optional: With materials provided from the school, students may plant their own seeds and make their own observations.  What happens if I don’t water my plant?  What happens if I put my plant in a dark cabinet?